Gamer Transformation Project: Game Line-Up and Battle Plan

The “last year of Earth” (not really) is upon us, and with my holiday mini-break behind me, it’s time to get cracking once more on the things that matter… like finding a job and losing weight. Of course, I’ll want to have good games to play to unwind after my efforts, so yesterday I flipped through my back catalog to decide where to start.

It turns out 2011, my so-called “year of the RPG,” wasn’t very successful. I completed just 2 RPGs – Torchlight and Phantasy Star Universe. PSU, with a 120+ hour time commitment, is a completion I’m quite proud of. This year, however, I need to up the ante, as completing only 2 RPGs in 12 months isn’t good enough for me. This year, I’m aiming for six. I think one every two months, given the time commitment these games require, should be tough but possible. Given the work I have to do to complete Gears 3 AND get to 200k this year, I expect a mini-GSL later in the year (assuming I have income) to keep on pace.

Seriously 3.0 is the achievement I plan to use to hit 200k right on the nose. For this to be possible though, I need to correct my gamerscore, which does not currently end in a nice, clean 5 or 0. To do this, I could find some game with odd achievements to use, but I plan on trying to go back to three old games and correct their odd totals. First, I’m starting with Infinite Undiscovery, a fun JRPG that I dedicated almost 40 hours to back in 2009, completing the game on Normal. Now, I plan to press on through the next two difficulties, anticipating another 100-120 hours for the last 331 points. Yes, seriously.

After that, it’s time to return to the original release of Divinity II. I have the 1 point achievement for killing Charlie the Goblin, but I need to complete the game for the 99 point achievement to balance it out.

Lastly, at some point before the end of the year, I need to figure out how to get “You Ate All the Chips” in Halo Reach (collect all flags in a matchmade Stockpile game). Thanks, Bungie, for that evil achievement. If anyone knows ways to make this easier, I’m all ears. If I can accomplish these three tasks, the path to a perfect 200k is simple scoring and doing all the crazy crap I need to for Seriously 3.0.

My current game rotation is Infinite Undiscovery, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Skyrim, Gears 3, and AC Brotherhood. Also, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’m back on working Red Alert 3 with W1lly x360a. That’s a lot of games to try to juggle, but Gears 3 is something I can casually play whenever I want and make progress, and Red Alert 3 is a scheduled affair. Once a few of these games get wrapped up, I’m going to try to keep the rotation smaller.

On the weight loss front, I’m at a snag… already. I’ve been spot-on with my diet, but despite reduced calories, my numbers aren’t dropping, even though at this point diet alone should be working. My body’s been refusing to burn the blubber over the last few days. I’m going to try to mix it up with an AM and PM workout. I’m under-employed, so I have the time…

As a measure to make sure my daily efforts are focused to job hunting, I’m imposing on myself a Monday to Friday “No Xbox before 6pm” rule, except for days where I had a work shift at Target, or special occasions (like my best friend coming over on Thursday and Friday). Here’s to hoping I have the will to be good about this, and don’t find other ways to waste my time.

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One Response to Gamer Transformation Project: Game Line-Up and Battle Plan

  1. Steve says:

    Try limited carbs for your diet. I’ve lost over 35 pounds that way, and am still losing weight. I’m not actively exercising either, so its all in the diet for me. Good luck!

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